A short dungeon exploration game.

You have stumbled onto an ancient temple in the forest. Legends say a chest of gold is hidden within. It's up to you to navigate the temple, avoiding pitfalls along the way. You'll leave rich or die trying.

.... unless you'd just prefer go home. That's a valid option too.

Easy Mode: No side quest, minimal ways to lose. Enjoy the simplest way to get around the temple.

Medium Mode: A side quest is added to the mix (how many memories can you find?), as well as a splash of randomized danger to keep you on your toes.

Hard Mode: Coming soon. The temple will be bigger and more treacherous. Give me your input on the game and you might just help shape it!


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Delightfully brutal dungeon-crawler, full of depth, nuance and reflective musings on life.


I had so much fun exploring this temple!

Stay alert, though! :-)